Bullying should be a Crime

Va. 8th-Grader Writes Letter About Racism He Experiences at School

Za’Khari Waddy, 13, says that he has been repeatedly harassed and abused at Tabb Middle School in Yorktown, Va., including being asked if he’s going to rape or rob someone and called the n-word.
BY: BREANNA EDWARDS. Posted: in The Root on Nov. 13 2015


The Root

The heartbreaking letter of a Virginia teenager detailing the racial abuse he faces daily at school

BY SHAUN KING. Published by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on November 12, 2015

Za’Khari Waddy penned this chilling letter to his school on Oct. 27 after a classmate said horrifically racist things to him while they rode a school bus back from an away football game.

Fhe New York Daily News

Bullies need to be stopped. It should be a crime and bullies should be punished.

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